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One good thing about the new design that should make the land acquisition easier, he said, is that the design "doesn't go out to the farm road and block the access."

From there, Callahan and the city council will be able to get the land re surveyed and new appraisals on the 56 acres the city would need to purchase from John Longacre.

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"I think we've addressed everything," Callahan said.

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Also, Callahan pointed out that while it took a waiver of the proposed new runway's required distance away from the nearby Highway 52 from the FAA, it won't make things less safe at the airport or surrounding lands.

The results of the initial plan review yielded a slew of new alternatives, taking the possibilities from six to nine.

The draft environmental plan for the project will likely be ready by next month for a public meeting and 30 day review period, he said.

First, the preliminary draft environmental assessment will need to be finalized for the public meeting and 30 day review period.

The new runway would also be 15 feet wider, for a total of 75 feet wide, which did not change from previous plans.

Acting City Manager Jeff Wells pointed out that there is still plenty of time for the council to look through the report and then ask Callahan questions later.

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"In this case, the FAA said it makes sense to reduce the standard," Callahan said.

Callahan told the council members that of the planes they had been expecting to be able to use the new runway about 95 percent would still be able to land on the now shorter design.

"It only makes common sense to go with alternative five," he told the council. "It's Adidas Football Models

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Adidas F50 Adizero Black And White

Once all of these steps have been completed, the related construction projects could go out for bids.

the same basic concept as last time (council was updated on the project), but shorter and closer to Highway 52."

The alternative that has been settled upon is No. 5, Callahan said. It would entail building a 5,730 foot runway approximately 300 feet east of the existing one, which is only 5,220 feet long.

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The initial plan has already been reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration and adjacent land owners, with both groups' concerns and comments being incorporated into the preliminary draft environmental assessment, which is where things currently sit.

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is working as it should," Callahan told the Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

He called these changes "more practical," adding that they "address the real situation."

Progress continues on the city's goal to replace the failing runway at Fort Morgan Municipal Airport, Community Development Director David Callahan told the members of the Fort Morgan City Council at their work session Tuesday night at City Hall.

"I think the process Puma Soccer

The relocation of the runway could also allow for phasing of the construction of the new one, if the city's finances require that, with the old one still operating during construction, according to the report.

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The council decided to hold off on commenting or asking questions Tuesday night, as they only received Armstrong Consultants Inc.'s preliminary draft environmental assessment report from Callahan at the start of the work session.

But, the new plan also means a slightly shorter runway than the 6,500 feet originally proposed.

Public meeting on runway replacement draft likely next month

Also, the city would have a significant savings from the shorter runway and smaller land acquisition, Callahan said.

Because of these changes, the city would need to acquire only 56 acres of Adidas F50 Adizero Black And White land from the adjacent land owner, as opposed to the 97 additional acres previous plans had required.

Callahan said he expects to have the final environmental assessment document in hand in about four months.

Once that happens, any new concerns or comments will need to be incorporated and reviewed again by the FAA.

With the plan change, Callahan saw the cost estimate shift downward by about $4.8 million, making for a new runway at about half the cost to taxpayers.

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Adidas F50 Adizero Black And White

Still, Callahan cautioned the council that there is still quite a lot of work to do before any construction will happen.

If all went well with that, a flyover easement would need to be obtained, and then many more months would be needed for designing construction plans.

Adidas F50 Adizero Black And White

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