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The only way Huyer says she could avoid flying is to change jobs. On average she takes two long international flights each month as she works with the United Nations or other agencies setting up seminars and attending conferences in her international development work. Other Canadian carriers don't have nuts on board like West Jet, she said. Airways, Luftansa or KLM, she said. would avoid Air Canada but would add time to the her frequent flights, plus the increased security issues.

"We will respond within the CTA's 30 day timeframe," he wrote in an e mail this week responding to this newspaper's request for comment on the decision.

"If a passenger is allergic or sensitive to products that may be found in the cabin, it is this passenger's responsibility to bring the proper medication and to have the proper protection," the Air Canada policy also states.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

She is not expecting the airline to be a 100% nut free environment; she just wants the company to refrain from serving them, she stressed. She carries an EpiPen and medication to counteract adverse reactions.

The proposed "nut free zone" is not a workable solution, Huyer told Northumberland Today, given the confined space on an airplane and the distance and time from medical help in the event of an adverse reaction by herself or any other passenger.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

peanuts or nuts. " Air Canada still has the right to respond to the CTA ruling within 30 days.

Huyer says she can have an immediate reaction to nuts: severe asthma where she is in danger of her "lungs shutting down" and/or the swelling of her throat and tongue. when she is exposed to even nut dust and/or nut oils. Her nut allergy has been building since 2000, she said.

Peter Fitzpatrick of Air Canada's Media Centre said that the company is studying the ruling at this time.

"It doesn't go far enough," Huyer said in an interview from her home this week.

The process of the complaint to the CTA involved correspondence back and forth between the parties over years and involved and expert witnesses.

a bit more safe. by not serving them on board," she said.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

The CTA decision, made three and a half years after Huyer's complaint stemming from two different flights in 2006, direct Air Canada to create a "nut free zone" and make a general announcement on the aircraft to address the needs of those with "disabilities due to their allergy to Adidas Messi Shoes

It is very "dangerous" to have a severe reaction to nuts 35,000 feet above the ground. It is life threatening situation, Adidas Football Boots 2016/17 Huyer said.

Because this was done on the flight and not before, states the agency decision, it was determined by Air Canada staff it was too late for a substitute snack and Huyer she was given the chance to leave the plane. She was "removed," states the decision, and rebooked on a later flight that was nut free, per on plane snacks, and passengers were asked during a general announcement on board to "refrain from consuming products containing nuts or peanuts."

On a second flight that year from Toronto to Frankfurt, Germany, Huyer she informed Air Canada before boarding of her allergy to nuts and reminded the cabin crew when she was inside. They refused to not serve nuts and offered her the choice of deplaning. To remain on the flight she had to sign a waiver. Huyer decided to spent 40 minutes in the washroom when the nuts were served, states the CTA decision.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

Air Canada's website also states it "cannot. make any guarantee" that the foods served are peanut free and can't be responsible for passengers carrying on nuts or for residue on the seats.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

"It may make it Adidas Football Boots Orange

´╗┐Proposed Air Canada 'nut

On Air Canada's website there is a section entitled "onboard snacks allergy information" which states that it has "phased out peanuts from all packaged bar snacks" onboard aircraft in all classes of service. Huyer says they still serve cashews and almonds to which she is also allergic.

That's why Sophia Huyer filed a complaint with the Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) on June 12, 2006 "regarding difficulties. experienced relating to peanut and nut allergies when travelling Air Canada," according to the Jan. 6 CTA decision issued last week.

"It's unworkable," she said.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

On April 1, 2006 as Huyer was flying between Toronto and London, England she informed Air Canada carrier personnel of her allergy and asked that nuts not be served.

But the ruling does not Evospeed Puma Blue

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

stop other passengers from carrying them on board, Huyer added.

Adidas Football Boots 2016/17

Huyer doesn't travel much on trains but says the situation there is less a concern because she can move to another car if she is warned about the serving of nuts in advance. She noted that many schools curtail bringing nuts onto the property, acknowledging the severity the reactions can produced.

COLBORNE Severely allergic to nuts, an international development consultant from Colborne takes her life into her hands every time she flies Air Canada.

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