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With votes counted in 75 percent of the nation's precincts, Obama held a narrow advantage in Puma Evopower Limited Edition

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

The president was in Chicago as he awaited the voters' verdict on his four years in office. He told reporters he had a concession speech as well as victory remarks prepared. He congratulated Romney on a spirited campaign. "I know his supporters are just as engaged, just as enthusiastic and working just as hard today" as Obama's own, he added.

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

Obama captured Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada, seven of the nine states where the rivals and their allies poured nearly $1 billion into dueling television commercials.

Earlier, he raced to Ohio and Pennsylvania for Election Adidas Ace 16 Purecontrol Red

Unemployment stood at 7.9 percent on election day, higher than when he took office. And despite signs of progress, the economy is still struggling after the worst recession in history.

He won North Carolina among the battleground states.

aired in nine battleground states where the rival camps agreed the election was most likely to be settled Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

About 4 in 10 said the economy is on the mend, but more than that said it was stagnant or getting worse more than four years after the near collapse of 2008. The survey was conducted for The Associated Press and a group of television networks.

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama rolled to re election Tuesday night, vanquishing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and triumphing despite a weak economy that plagued his first term and put a crimp in the middle class dreams of millions.

the popular vote, leading by about 25,000 out of more than 99 million cast.

In Maine, independent former Gov. Angus King was elected to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe. He has not yet said which party he will side with, but Republicans attacked him in television advertising during the race, and Democrats rushed to his cause.

In the battle for the Senate, Democrats won seats currently held by Republicans in Indiana and Massachusetts.

In Virginia, the polls had been closed for several minutes when Obama's campaign texted a call for volunteers "to make sure everyone who's still in line gets to vote."

There was no doubt about what drove voters to one candidate or the other.

´╗┐Presidential election 2012 results

"This happened because of you. Thank you" Obama tweeted to supporters as he celebrated four more years in the White House. Romney telephoned the president to concede.

But the mood soured among the Republican high command as the votes came in and Obama ground out a lead in critical states.

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Romney was in Massachusetts, his long and grueling bid for the presidency at an unsuccessful end.

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

Florida remained too close to call, a state where there were long lines of voters kept the polls open in some areas well past the appointed poll close time.

Romney reciprocated, congratulating the man who he had campaigned against for more than a year.

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

Day campaigning and projected confidence as he flew home to Massachusetts. "We fought to the very end, and I think that's why we'll be successful," he said, adding that he had finished writing a speech anticipating victory but nothing if the election went to his rival.

In the presidential race, an estimated one million commercials Puma Evospeed Sl Leather

That bode well for the president, who had worked to turn the election into a choice between his proposals and Romney's, rather than the simple referendum on the economy during his time in the White House.

The long campaign's cost soared into the billions, much of it spent on negative ads, some harshly so.

Democrats retained control of the Senate with surprising ease. Republicans were on course for the same in the House, making it likely that Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, Obama's partner in unsuccessful deficit talks, would reclaim his seat at the bargaining table.

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But the president's laserlike focus on the battleground states allowed him to run up a 303 203 margin in the competition for electoral votes, where the White House is won or lost. It took 270 to win.

At Obama headquarters in Chicago, a huge crowd gathered waving small American flags and cheering. Supporters hugged each other, danced and pumped their fists in the air. Excited crowds also gathered in New York's Times Square, at Faneuil Hall in Boston and near the White House in Washington, drivers joyfully honking as they passed by.

The Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1 election emerged as a choice between two very different visions of government whether it occupies a major, front row place in American lives or is in the background as a less obtrusive facilitator for private enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

Adidas Football Boots Ace 16.1

In a months long general election ad war that cost nearly $1 billion, Romney and Republican groups spent more than $550 million and Obama and his allies $381 million, according to organizations that track advertising.

Polls were still open in much of the country as the two rivals began claiming the spoils of a brawl of an election in a year in which the struggling economy put a crimp in the middle class dreams of millions.

Like Obama, Vice President Joe Biden was in Chicago as he waited to find out if he was in line for a second term. Republican running mate Paul Ryan was with Romney in Boston, although he kept one eye on his re election campaign for a House seat in Wisconsin, just in case.

The economy was rated the top issue by about 60 percent of voters surveyed as they left their polling places. But more said former President George W. Bush bore responsibility for current circumstances than Obama did after nearly four years in office.

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