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"We were never told we'd be getting another contract every time we got a new phone," she said. "They don't care at all. As long as they're getting their money they don't care."

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Adidas Football Laceless Boots

Desrosiers says a representative from her service provider, which the Winnipeg Sun is not naming, told her on the phone it would cost $400 total to cancel both their cell plans.

the second would be to cap cancellation fees.

The company then said I'm not able to cancel anything for three years. When I asked, "Why would you give me another plan on top of the other one?," the lady laughed and said "My dear, that's how your contract works."

So now, and for another two years and 10 months, I have a plan of $20, a plan of $40, a family plan of $35 and bogus service charges.

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

and floor. She picked up the stuff but didn't know her cellphone was not picked up. She was intoxicated and tired.

She said if she could change two things about cellphone plans, the first would be to have no contracts at all, and Football Boots Puma Evospeed

BUT . to use my phone with texts, call display, voicemail, minutes and web browsing, I had to add another package of $20.

In the interim she could rent a phone from them for $50. I was mad! Talk about false advertising. I also called the cab company to see if the driver could return the phone and was told that whatever is left in the cab belongs to the driver.

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

My first bill after losing my phone was about $120. I Puma Football Boots Black

When I first signed on, I got a family plan for $35 per month. Two phones, great bill!

Desrosiers said she's pleased the provincial government is now looking at regulating the contracts.

Just before Christmas I lost my phone, but with the cellphone protection thing the company has, I got a free one. (So I thought.)

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

They know how to keep you on contract and know how to make you pay for more than what you need.

"I think one month's bill would be fair," she said of a suggested cap.

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

We called her provider, as they have a handset protection plan (which is why she went there in the first place), but they would not help her as she had an iPhone 4. The protection plan does not apply to this phone or any phone not free with the contract. No one told her this when she signed up. All the company would do is order her a phone that comes free with the contract. This phone would take five to 10 business days to get to her.

"I asked the guy four times 'Are you sure?' He said yes, it would be $400 altogether for the two phone numbers. Then we got our final bill and were charged $1,000. We were also charged an additional $200 because we Adidas Football Laceless Boots cancelled without notice."

My little cell bill for one month used to range from $40 to $50. Now it's over $100.

The problem one of them, anyway was that Desrosiers and her husband were automatically given new, three year contracts midway through their existing ones because they got new phones.

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

One phone $15, which my mom uses, and mine for $45.

´╗┐Province takes aim at cell contracts


Adidas Football Laceless Boots

When I called the company here's where it gets juicy they said I was not able to use the $20 plan I had, since I now had a smartphone, and I now needed a data plan. So I asked the lady to give me a plan that will let me use facebook every now and then and the odd e mail. She put me down for a $40 plan that included 500MB of web browsing, unlimited incoming/outgoing texts and picture texts, call display and voicemail. Perfect? WRONG!

On New Year's Eve, my 18 year old daughter went out to a club and came home by cab. Her purse spilled out onto the cab seat Puma King Chrome

Desrosiers eventually fought the bill, engaging the help of the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, and got about $450 of it forgiven. But it took six months and a lot of headaches, including a mark on her credit record.

used about 1MB of data. So this plan was not the one for me.

Since I had a contract, I could not cancel my $20 plan from the previous phone (which cannot be used with this new phone) and now could not cancel this $40 plan since it was in their computers already.

Contracts are lame and have so much fine print that no matter what happens they will screw you over and dig into your pockets.

That's how Winnipegger Dena Desrosiers describes the ordeal she's been through since she and her husband cancelled their phone plans last June.

"I think it's great. I think it's about time," she said. "These big companies are taking advantage of the consumer."According to Sun readers, Desrosiers is not alone. Here are the some other cellphone contract horror stories our readers shared:

Adidas Football Laceless Boots

So the day came when I got my new phone. I was excited and playing around with it. I was setting up my ring tones, alerts and whatnot when I realized I couldn't access the web. I could only use the web to check Facebook, or the occassional e mail.

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Adidas Football Laceless Boots

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