Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

was the last time you outreached your hand to a homeless person or poor child? And yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it. The point is, I should get to decide where to give my money. Not the government. Give the poor jobs. That the best way to help them.

The expansion in social programs that you speak of has happened since the unemployment rate grew so high. BTW, this increase started under the Bush administration.

I feel bad about it I guess it that moral upbringing that my WWII veteran parents imbued me with.

Unfortunately, there that whole "Constitution" thing that prevents us from doing what we know is best for the nation, right? I guess, though, that if we can call a corporation a person, we can probably get around the killing and eating the poor issue, eventually. (And, It not an "article" it an opinion piece by a "financial analyst" living in Bentonville, Arkansas. I pay for my computer and internet access just the way you do by standing on the backs of other folks. The difference between you and me is that Puma Soccer Boots New Releases

It is hard to know how much abuse there is in the programs if one opinion is just based on personal experiences. I know a few people on food stamps and am quite sure that they use them for food. You may know a different mix of people. I would be more inclined to trust a study or investigation coming out of a university or a well known investigative reporter.

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GenBuck you need to work hard and continue your education your entire career to be successful. Its called "I built my career" as opposed to looking to be a parasite on someone who has risked their money and worked 80 90 hours a week to build their business to the point that they are successful and accumulated some wealth as a result.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

It time to ask what we can do for our country.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

"I was a single parent for eight years and life was not easy." How that come to happen? I guess you had somebody help achieving "single parent" status. Does that ring any bells for you? I didn do it on the back of anyone. I went to work even when I was too tired because I had to raise a child alone. I have to analyze what segments of the business are affecting profitability, etc. Seems it would give me some knowledge of things going Adidas Football Shoes Yellow on in the world and affecting our business. I not going into detail about my job description but you can rest assured that I have 24 years of working in the business world. Something the academia world will never "get". You have yet to explain your circumstances and still continue to question mine. And I do share in my good fortune. I take care of my step granddaughter who lives in poverty. Yes, that right, poverty. Keep it coming GenBuck. As far as me having good fortune, I don know about that. I living paycheck to paycheck just like the majority. Present your facts GenBuck and stop trying to appeal to emotions. It doesn work anymore. And I had a sandwich the other day and bought a giftcard for a homelss person who was outside. He went right in and enjoyed a meal. When Adidas Predator 2018 White

In fact, the rich only support the poor (if they do at all) to the extent that it profitable. I never been "supported" by a rich person, and I pretty poor I welcome a rich person picking up my tab. Any takers, rich folk?

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

I think Robin you are also reacting on emotion.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

Very disrespectful of Robin Jackson to denigrate an entire branch of the military, the United States Navy, with her thoughtless reference to "drunken sailors."

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

Robin, I too was a single parent by divorce and did get at least temporary help from my ex husband. And no help from the ex, I just did what we could to scrap by. I had only been out of college one year so it wasn like I was making good money. I honestly don remember what the unemployment rate was at the time it was so long ago. Again, like my opinion piece stated, I not opposed to helping the needy. That why we need social programs. But we have made it an excuse not to achieve and there is GREAT abuse in the programs. I believe in our safety nets for the needy. The entire point of the article is we need to get control of the debt and create jobs. This eliminates the need for the great expansion we have seen of the social programs. I believe our government wants this to continue so they can control the poor. That my opinion. And you are certainly entitled to yours.

graduate and financial analyst you are probably more computer adept than I am at age 82. It does make a difference about the unemployment rate.

I am not rich either but I have worked for some "rich" companies who compensated me quite well through the years to enable myself to save and pay in to Social Security and not have to solely depend on Social Security to comfortably retire on.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

You can look online to find out what the unemployment rate was for previous years and as a college Puma Evopower Orange

"And contrary to what some believe, the poor do not support the rich; it's the other way around. I've never seen a poor person give a rich person a job. The top 10 percent already pay 70 percent of the taxes in this country. How much is enough?" So, we kill the poor and eat them? Sounds good to me.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

She should have used a different group of drunks to illustrate her point. For example, she could have used drunken social welfare recipients, or drunken illegal aliens. You know, a group who we ordinarily would find distasteful for other reasons. That would have augmented the overall content of the letter and highlighted the us versus them dichotomy. You know, "us," the "nobody gave me anything" group, versus "them," the food stamps, welfare, unemployment deadbeats we sick of.

Adidas Football Shoes Yellow

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