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Public sector unions only speak for a narrow, well rewarded section of society and not for the rest of us.

the back and can't use the front door.

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I would be more convinced if I were informed of the concrete, imminent proposals for the measures to ensure the necessary grounds for development that are being addressed now.

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The 'fat cat' union barons some 30 or so, who pocket more than 100,000 per annum with 'perks' ranking them amongst the nation's rich have urged their members to inflict the greatest disruption possible on the public over perceived injustice with pension rights.

P Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, LeedsCAN I please say thank you to Cherril Cliff for her excellent letter ('Students are back', YEP, September 24)?

Public sector strikes may hurt Labour too

Generally, public sector employees earn on average 446, compared with 388 in the private sector.

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It used to be 'poor pay but good pensions' but no longer so, with better pay, shorter hours, longer holidays, job security but more days lost by sick leave and this pension apartheid that must stop.

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Ed Miliband, realising he must distance himself from this lunatic militancy, could only mutter a few words of disapproval and was booed by comrades for his feeble effort.

Also, the reasons for the present deficiencies and past failures. No other employee or contractor is allowed a job review five years hence.

many ways you have to feel sorry for them. Many of them are ex students from last term, living in student houses, unable to find full time employment, doing casual jobs and feeling let down after three years of studying.

ONCE again, the annual festival of left wing posturing and Marxist rhetoric, the TUC Conference, threatened the largest set of industrial strikes since 1926.

Laudable, if sincere and realistic; fraudulent if born out of political calculation.

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open for their return, as some live at Puma Evotouch Blue And White

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However, after a while it seemed at least half the tenants don't have keys for the gates, as only council house people get free keys for them. As they now cost 12.50 each key, the owners of the private houses (80 per cent) won't provide them for their tenants, so those with keys keep being asked to open the gate or and leave it Puma Football Boots Orange

This week a rod for locking our gate was stolen and the other one damaged, as some won't pay 12.50 for a key. the Leeds five years vision).

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Name and address suppliedREGARDING the recent article ('Health centre restaurant plan', YEP, September 26), there is a major traffic problem already.

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Could it be that our "visionaries" are really renewing their contract for another five years and asking to be judged then and not now?

I live in Headingley and in Adidas X 16.3 Red

In the current climate one would expect a downbeat tone, the accent on consolidation.

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The cushioned public sector, protected clients of Labour, have enjoyed insulation from economic reality, especially generous pensions, in comparison with the devastated private sector, who pay their wages and most of their pensions. No one, including other taxpayers, contributes to my private pension.

While public services face the cut, mostly because of the colossal burden of public sector pensions the bill being a staggering 35 billion while at the same time, Brown reduced the value of our private pensions pot by 5.2 billion annually, a greedy, cynical swipe at our insurance Adidas Gloro 16.2 Fg for our retirement.

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