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PATH also provides an outpatient drug and alcohol program for adolescents and adults who have a violation. Many clients, Gregg said, are usually inpatients looking to begin outpatient therapy.

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Adolescents who also have a history of trauma or are transitioning back into their communities or homes from an out of home placement can also be considered for the program.

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For youth who exhibit mental health based behavior problems, PATH of State College offers the Intensive Adolescent Day Treatment program, which is an afterschool program.

in the same classroom, Solt said, the instruction is differentiated between their abilities. Not necessarily grades but abilities. also have daily group time, which allows them to focus on particular behavioral issues with a therapist, Solt said. A drug and alcohol class and life skills training are incorporated into Puma Evopower 1

Gregg said that in both the Intensive Adolescent Day Treatment program and the Alternative Education program, the students are encouraged confront each other in an appropriate way. that different from public school because usually it just the teacher controlling the classroom, Solt said. here if someone sees a negative behavior, they supposed to confront their peers. said when parents hear that they are skeptical, it works. is peer pressure in a positive way, Solt said.

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school program is funded through the districts, Gregg said. make a referral, they pay for their students to be here. can be referred for the Alternative Education program, Gregg said, by their school district administrators.

moved into this building at that time and have been here ever since, said Kristi Gregg, program manager of PATH in State College.

our main goal, she said, to get them back into the public school. of Students Jessica Solt said 13 students from grades seventh through 12th are currently enrolled in PATH Alternative Education program. The students attend PATH in State College to complete their school day there instead of at their normal middle or high school.

PA Treatment and Healing (PATH), a non profit organization that provides intensive intervention for troubled youth, is celebrating its Adidas Football Shoes New Model

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encourage social skills where they spend time together in an appropriate, positive manner, she said.

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PATH serves as guidance for youth who show disruptive behaviors both in the home and in school. Referrals for one of PATH of State College three programs can be made by school district administrators, family members or a mental health agency.

When the afterschool students arrive at PATH, Gregg said they begin with a therapeutic educational group that discusses issues such as anger, self Adidas Messi 16.4 Astro Turf esteem and social skills. And after eating dinner, she said they usually do a 10 to 15 minute chore.

we have all the subjects that a normal school would, Solt said, that therapy portion. Adidas Messi Cleats World Cup

Gregg said that since she joined PATH of State College in 2011 program numbers have increased, mostly due to stronger relationships with the local school districts and mental health agencies.

The eight students are currently enrolled in the afterschool program, Gregg said. They usually go to PATH Monday through Friday for four hours a day when their regular school day ends and during normal school day hours in the summer, she said.

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try to teach them that this is their center too, she said, they need to make it look presentable. Afterward, Gregg said the students meet in a second group and then will have recreational time.

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Program for Troubled Youth Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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PATH Alternative Education program is designed to help disruptive students get back to where they need to be academically and behaviorally, Gregg said.

come in with a mental health diagnosis and we provide individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, Gregg said. This program is for adolescents ages 11 to 18.

their daily schedules as well, she said.

The drug and alcohol counseling group currently meets once a week with a therapist, she said.

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25th anniversary this year. The program also offers drug and alcohol counseling and education classes.

PATH has 11 locations throughout Pennsylvania and offers 12 programs. Availability of programs, however, varies by location.

a small facility and we really look to take in more referrals, Gregg said, we definitely a pretty intensive program especially on the mental health side of things. Before students start at PATH, they usually have to already been through other mental health services first, she said.

Originally part of Bethesda Day Treatment Center in Mifflin County, PATH of State College has been at its location since 2005 and serves Centre, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin, Perry and Snyder counties.

Youth who display one of the following behaviors can be referred by a family member, school district or mental health agency for the Intensive Adolescent Day Treatment program: anxiety, depression, parent child conflict, poor social skills, mood swings and disruptiveness.

Students enrolled in the Alternative Education program still get core classes, Solt said, including English, math, history and science. They can also choose elective classes to take, such as current events or art, she said.

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