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Coun. Ward Sutherland is not a big backer of public art dollars for the bike lane project.

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we do it right, the traffic thing will be a wash. It will not be any worse. pledges to get the real numbers on the bike lanes.

the cost of what the city calls cycle tracks is pegged at $14.6 million. Under the current city rules, $146,000 would go to public art.

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Adidas X 16.3 Fg Blue

Coun. Gian Carlo Carra says he a of public art, especially if it functional. bike racks is a Carra fave.

Carra says investment in this Cadillac network is the right thing to do right now. think it will be used sufficiently immediately to justify it, says Carra.

Suggestions include bike components in a jumble or, as in Nashville, where you can park a bike at a giant padlock or in the cord of a big old microphone sculpture.

The city says if the separated bike lanes are made permanent they would apply whatever policy is on the books.

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Before the cart gets ahead of the horse, the city public art policy is under review. The results of the look see are expected to be made public next month.

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But, as almost always, Calgarians bellyache but won expend the energy to hit the keyboard or phone their councillor. The general number for councillors is 403 268 2430.

If that means money going to art connected to the bike lanes, so be it. Stay tuned.

Well, the smart money is now on a $9.4 million tryout of a network of separated downtown bike lanes getting the green light at the April 28 city council gabfest.

apples and oranges. The original intent was for large infrastructure like the LRT. Cycle tracks? It not the same thing. That part of fine tuning the program. It ridiculous. aside, you get a real sense Sutherland, Chu and Magliocca Adidas X 16.3 Fg Blue and others against the full blown bike lane network are fighting uphill.

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Adidas X 16.3 Fg Blue

One of those who plays on Twitter suggests a sculpture of bike lane naysayer Chu on a penny farthing, the bicycle from the 1800s with a very large front wheel and a very small rear wheel.

city can tell us how many Puma Evopower Tricks 1.3

they could have blue hoops misting down the overheated cyclists coming down the bike lane? suggests fellow councillor Sean Chu.

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They will oppose a lane on 1 St.

the green light is given Chu says success of the bike lanes will be seen if people put their pedalling where their mouth is and there steady traffic throughout the day.

Some suggest the art could involve the already mentioned bike racks or lamp posts or even hipster garbage cans, whatever that looks like.

people are cycling. If you don see it then it like the emperor new clothes. It means nothing, says Chu.

They will still battle to have only two separated bike lanes opened and tested in case the city may be building too much too soon.

At the top of each pole is a painted cedar sculpture a wheat sheaf, a fish, a feather, a fern, a stylized bucksaw, a broom and gears and so on.

are they going to do, have bronze bicycles hanging from lamps? says Coun. Magliocca.

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The cyclists have been making noise.

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If and when the lanes go permanent, also being wagered on by those in the know, Adidas Messi Boots Blue

public art policy would apply to downtown cycle tracks

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