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Why don't we prosecute the real offenders, often the parents? Why are they never held accountable?

You didn't mention what you are in prison for, Mr. Lukyn. And, you will undoubtedly get some angry comments thrown your way for various Adidas Purechaos Paris Pack

try to get to the root of the problem in order to prevent more and more people from committing crimes.

And, exactly what kind of system would work?

From what you describe, there doesn't seem to be an interest in trying to rehabilitate, but rather just to placate the general public into believing the effort is there.

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Many people see our prison system as cushy compared to others around the world. However, regardless of why you're there, the system simply does not work to rehabilitate and prevent re offending. If there was a system that would work, it would cost a lot more money than what is currently put forth, so who would pay for that?

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

When someone is trying to rehabilitate themselves, I think that the most important thing is to have at least one person who cares for them, who believes in them.

´╗┐Prisoners need someone who cares

The rehabilitation programs that you speak of seem to be another way of sweeping a problem under Puma Evospeed 1.5 Fg

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Another important, and often missed, factor is that they have to stop hanging around the same people as they did before. If they want a new life, they need new friends and acquaintances.

It is obvious that our current system of incarcerating inmates doesn't work.

I Puma Evopower Red And Black can understand why people don't care about prisoners. Some of them have committed horrific crimes that are unforgivable. But we do need to see others as fellow humans and Adidas Football Boots 2014

However, I'd be interested to see the statistics showing the state of a prisoner after he has served his sentence. How can someone come out of the system as a more honest, forthright member of society?

And, they need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, blaming others for their misfortune, and feeling a need to get whatever they want because people owe them. It's not the innocent people around them who are to blame. And, the self pity will only keep them in the same state and lead to a guarantee that they'll never change.

Puma Evopower Red And Black

Your article is an attempt to reach out and show us that there are prisoners who want help but can't get it. It is heart breaking to see that we, as a society, still struggle with how to deal with human pain such as yours.

Any idiot can have a child and raise it by winging it, and if you've come from an abusive past yourself, there's a better chance that you'll repeat the same patterns when raising your own child. What about the poor children who are abused and left to fend for themselves as broken adults? Especially when society doesn't have the knowledge or the heart to do the right thing and help them?

the carpet, that there is no easy way to resolve. Because inmates often come from a less than desirable past, it is a difficult situation to deal with because now we're talking about counselling and the inexact science of the mind.


Puma Evopower Red And Black

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