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The book includes chapters such as How Hockey Explains Don Cherry, How Hockey Explains Quebec, How Hockey Explains Religion and even How Hockey Explains Feminism and a look at women's hockey.

In fact, Harper is currently researching a book on the roots of the game from 1875 to 1926.

And above all was the thrill of sharing time, hockey knowledge and memories with Paul Henderson, and getting his take on the Summit Series that just might have changed hockey forever.

Puma Evopower White

Puma Evopower White

Puma Evopower White

important hockey person in the world," Prime said of the former agent and first executive director of the players association.

Prime collaboration essential hockey reading

Puma Evopower White

Jim has always supported the claim of Windsor as the birthplace of hockey, and in researching the book, he found "both Paul Henderson and (Hockey Night in Canada's) Ron MacLean are also in support of Windsor's claim."

a supporter of Montreal as the place organized hockey was first played under set rules," Prime said.

"It's Nova Scotia centric," he said of the book, "but as a proud Nova Scotian, I make no apologies for that."

Rather, he considers it "a book about all of Canada," and how hockey can "explain" just about anything Canadian you want to talk about.

Puma Evopower White

Puma Evopower White

Puma Evopower White

"It took a bit of doing to set up the interview, but once it happened, we spoke for probably 45 minutes on the phone. It was like sitting down at Tim's over a cup of coffee. Mr. Harper is not your casual hockey fan."

"We're such a diverse country, and hockey can be a 'jumping off point' for a whole range of things."

One of the chapters Jim most enjoyed writing was the one on hockey in the Maritimes and the origins of the game, which even includes a section on Connie MacNeil's 'you had to be there' record of three goals in six seconds.

Puma Evopower White

chance to talk hockey with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who wrote the book's foreword.

A number of cold weather countries play hockey, but nowhere else but Canada does it generate the same passion or, as is suggested in the book, almost reach the level of a national religion.

Though Henderson is best known as the man who scored the winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series against the Soviet Union, Jim stresses, "this isn't a book about the 1972 series though it is certainly in there."

"Not only is he a class act, he's such an important figure for hockey in Canada, with so many connections to the sport and culture of hockey."

For the chapter entitled How Hockey Explains Alan Eagleson, Jim got to chat with 'The Eagle' one on one Puma Evopower White on more than one occasion.

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Puma Evopower White

"The publishers asked me to do the book, and gave me pretty much free rein," Jim said. "They asked me who I wanted as a collaborator, and the first person that came to mind was Paul Henderson.

Puma Evopower White

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Puma Evopower White

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