Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

The few skits that need strong voices are well cast. John Farcione and Lucy Horton are awesome as Growtiger and Griddlebone, and though Ruthie Stephens is too young for the aged Grizabella and her interpretation of "Memory" a bit overwrought, her voice nonetheless does justice to the most emotional song in the show.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

But it does close in another couple of weeks, so if you are looking for superior musical theater, buy your tickets early. Once the word gets out on this show, it should sell out.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

And even though the second act consists of one fabricated number after another, it is still entertaining because of the performances and direction.

Chaz Wolcott is dazzling in the "Mr. Mistoffelees" number, Clinton Sherwood and Kristen Quartarone stop Puma Evospeed Black And Orange

´╗┐Production of 'Cats' at the Cohoes Music Hall impresses even a non

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

they express become important to their characters. This is true for at least the first act, when the show tries to establish mood and character.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

"Cats" is a dance show, and while individual numbers are spectacular, it is the work of the ensemble that anchors the show. This becomes clear, especially in the first act, as the cast moves about the small stage with purpose and agility. Each and every number concerning the Jellicle Ball is fantastic.

As for the talent, there are 12 major or featured roles in the show. In this production, nine of those roles are played by performers who have Puma Evospeed Trainers

the show with the "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" duet and Tony Rivera is a crowd pleaser as Rum Tum Tugger. Kelly Briggs closes the show with a Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal wise reading of "The Ad Dressing of Cats," and throughout the production he brings dignity to Old Deuteronomy and a focus to the show.

Too often, productions of "Cats" are loud, busy and shallow. The reverse is true at Cohoes Music Hall, where it is subtle, personal and gentle. Adding to these qualities is the work of musical director Joshua Zecher Ross and his six musical companions in the orchestra.

Equal to the performances is the technical support. The set by Jen Price Fick is a gem, as it establishes an ideal mood for this fantasy fable and offers room for the dancing. Her husband, Matthew J. Flick, makes her work look even better, with lighting that supports the mood of the work.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

been involved in national tours of the show. The other three are their equals.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

It's impossible to over praise the costumes of Jimm Halliday. His fantastic work is nearly as important to the success of the show as is the direction of Jacob Brent, as both elevate the level of professionalism in the production.

Beyond the talents of the cast, what elevates this production is the intimacy of the space and the lack of amplification. Eliot actually becomes an important part of the presentation. The performers are not only able to make a personal connection to the audience, but the sentiments Adidas 11 Pro

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

COHOES "Cats" is being performed through Oct. 2 at the Cohoes Music Hall, but thanks to some fantastic performers and the enduring popularity of the material, this excellent production is so good it could sustain an open ended run.

This production didn't turn me into a fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, but it made me understand why people do love the show. What it did for me was fill me with admiration for the performances, direction, set and costumes. This is a large show that features 21 performers, and the way director choreographer Jacob Brent creates so many superior moments in such a small space is magical.

Puma Evospeed 2016 Futsal

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