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not sure that this is the right venue for this sort of interaction with the City of Calgary, he said.

Sitting in one of the sofas, Chabot said if he were homeless he certainly visit the municipal building, making use of the comfortable chairs, in a nice, warm, dry environment.

really just wanted to start to make it a welcoming place to be, for people to come and stay for a while and also to get information, she said.

Ald. Brian Pincott likes the idea that city hall is becoming more welcoming to Calgarians.

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we providing a homeless shelter here? I don know. Puma Evospeed terminals, which allow the public to access the city website, and the Adidas Football Boots Images

Purvis said citizens come to the complex for many purposes, including getting development permits or attending council and committee meetings, and there no spot for them to wait comfortably where they can also access information readily.

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project is costly and he not sure how it will benefit the city.

seat of government, she said.

Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed

furniture cost the city $70,000.

Pricey public furniture pilot in Calgary city hall irks alderman

is that what we doing? he said.

has been a fairly sterile environment and it been a place that you pass through as opposed to a place to actually interact with you government, he said.

certainly looking at a little bit of modernizing and being more citizen centric in the municipal complex it is the Adidas Football Shoes F50 Adizero

Sharon Purvis, director of corporate properties and buildings, said the project, which will run for a year, is part of the city efforts to make city hall more friendly to citizens.

As part of the Citizen Information pilot project launched this week, the city Corporate Services has bought and installed two computer terminals behind council chambers.

Puma Evospeed

Chabot said the pilot Puma King Top City Di Fg

Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed

New comfy chairs next to computer terminals, part of a test project making city hall more citizen friendly, could attract unwanted loiterers, cautions an alderman.

Puma Evospeed

Puma Evospeed

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